Anti-Social Behaviour Orders

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders

As of 20th October 2014 the replacement for Anti-Social-Behaviour Orders come into force.  Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBO) no doubt to be nicknamed CrimBos.  Existing ASBOs will remain in force and breaches dealt with as before. But no new ASBOs will be made.

Mortons Solicitors have expertly represented numerous clients facing applications for Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) since their inception in 1998. We defend clients facing an application for an ABSO made both by the Police or Prosecution or local Council. This is a specialist area of law involving legal provisions and case law where any client without specialist legal representation are at a significant disadvantage. This is made all the more important by the seriousness conquences of breaching the order which can result in immediate imprisonment.

Often but not always, clients who may be subject of a proposed Anti-Social Behaviour order are youths or vulnerable people. The provisions of the ASBO can have a negative impact on the clients wellbeing and stresses.  Mortons Solicitors support our clients throughout the application and hearings using our knowledge and understanding of these cases.

Even where an application for an Anti-Social Behaviour order succeeds, Mortons Solicitors will continue to fight regarding the specific provisions of the proposed order to ensure the terms of lawful, reasonable, and ensure compliance with Human Rights legislation.

Legal aid is available for clients facing applications for or breaches Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.

You should not face a prosecution for any breach of court order unrepresented. It is possible that you will face the prospect of a prison sentence. The court views all breaches seriously as they appear to be a wilful and deliberate refusal to undertake your punishment and or rehabilitation. Morton’s Solicitors can advise you from the moment you get a summons or notification to attend court, and provide expert representation at Court.

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