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Mortons Solicitors are one of the leading specialist Criminal Solicitors in Greater Manchester. Our criminal solicitors provide professional court representation & advocacy at Magistrates', Youth & Crown Courts for our clients across Greater Manchester & Cheshire. (including at Manchester, Stockport, Trafford, Tameside & Macclesfield Magistrates' & Youth Courts etc)

Our top team of criminal solicitors & lawyers also provide FREE Police Station Representation and are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year to provide immediate legal representation in emergency situations & in client's hour of need.  This includes clients who attend for a voluntary interview under caution in addition to clients who are arrested.



Our serious crime department has unparallelled experience in dealing with the most serious allegations including cases such as murder, firearms, serious sexual offences, large & complex & serious frauds, serious drugs offences, arson, firearms, armed robberies, serious violence, large-scale conspiracies & proceeds of crime act proceedings (POCAs).


LESS serious CRIME?

Whilst the above cases are usually heard at the Crown Court, Mortons Solicitors also provide extensive representation at Manchester Magistrates & Youth Courts for less serious offences including criminal damage, public order, minor assaults, thefts, dangerous dogs cases and Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs).  Our specialism also extends to handling domestic violence, racially aggravated, alleged hate crimes, especially given the stigma associated with these offences.

How We Can Help You?

It is our experience that clients who have been arrested or charge often feel that their world is being turned upside down. The effect of conviction can have a dramatic effect on your personal life and employment. Mortons Solicitors are criminal solicitors in Manchester who will defend you and your reputation! We are specialist firm of criminal solicitors who have over two decades of experience successfully defending cases.

Whether you are innocent or guilty of the allegation?, whether you are a person of good character/standing in the community with no previous convictions or a regular offender, our service is tailored to you to ensure you are fully and appropriately legally advised.  We will explain to you in plain English the elements of the criminal offence, we will advise you if you have a defence to the allegation. We will advise you regarding obtaining expert evidence, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence. From your instructions will be able to provide you our expert opinion on the merits of defending your case to trial or pleading guilty.

If you may have never been to the Manchester Magistrates Court before, on the day prior to the hearing we will explain the court procedures, what the court will expect from you and answer any questions that you may have.  Our Court Representation section explains more about the different courts.

Mortons criminal defence solicitors in Greater Manchester have unparalleled experience and expertise. Our solicitors are on hand and will be with you every step of the way. We always seek to obtain the best achievable results for our clients and will seek to do the same in your criminal case.

LEGAL AID Specialists

Legal Aid may be available depending on your financial circumstances as it is means tested. Mortons Solicitors are proud to be contracted by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) to provide representation for criminal offences under criminal legal aid and we hold the Specialist Quality Mark. See our section on funding your case.

If you do not qualify for legal aid our pricing for court representation on a private basis is extremely competitive and includes fixed fee options (available on request). We can advise on funding your case including our low-cost fixed fees options which are often preferred by clients.

Don't Wait!

Many clients feel anxious and may even have trouble sleeping just at the prospect of appearing at court and have many questions. It is important to seek expert legal advice from specialist criminal solicitors as soon as possible.

Even if you haven't been charged yet and are due to return to the police station we would recommend contacting us immediately so that we can attend the police station when you return & try to make enquiries on your behalf beforehand to establish the likely course of action.

Call our Criminal Solicitors in Manchester now on 0161 477 1121.

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