FundingMorton’s Solicitors conduct work on behalf of legally aided, as well as privately paying, clients.
Many clients prefer to instruct us on a private fee paying basis and we undertake a considerable amount of work under that arrangement.
Please phone us and we will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate way to fund your case.
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Will I get Legal Aid?

Police Station AdvicePolice Station Advice

If you are attending a police station as a suspect, either under arrest or as a volunteer (for questioning) then you are entitled to FREE legal advice and assistance. 
This is not dependent upon your means. 

If you have not already made arrangements for a solicitor then you can tell the police you need a solicitor and they have to endeavour to contact the solicitor of your choice.

We have a dedicated team of representatives on call throughout the day and night, 365 days a year, to provide immediate advice and assistance in emergency situations including FREE legal advice at the police station.

Magistrates Court AdviceMagistrates Court Proceedings

Legal Aid for Magistrates Court proceedings is available for most criminal offences, and a limited number of Road Traffic Offences.
Any application for legal aid is assessed in a two-fold test:

  • Interests of Justice Test
    This test considers the ‘merits’ of the case which can include your previous convictions, the nature of offence, the complexity of the case and any risk of custody. If this test is passed the next stage starts.
  • Means Test
    This considers your financial position which includes household income (i.e. that of both you and your partner), capital and household outgoings. This test will determine whether you will be eligible for legal aid.

If this test fails, there is a mechanism to appeal upon the grounds of “hardship” to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA). These applications are rarely successful.

You can still have a solicitor by paying privately for representation – our costs are competitive and will be dependent on the details of each individual case.

Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you in more detail upon your eligibility for legal aid.

Crown Court ProceedingsJury

Once a case reaches the Crown Court, Legal Aid is generally available for those who qualify under the means test.  Where the defendant has above average income or any assets, the court will usually make an order that the defendant make a contribution to his or her legal aid. 

From 27th January 2014 the govnerment has changed legal aid availability. If a clients joint household disposable income is over £37,500 legal aid will no longer be available.   If the Legal Aid Agency determine that you are not eligible for legal aid then you can appeal the decision by way of a CRM16 "Application for a review of legal aid in criminal proceedings on the grounds of hardship".  This may result in legal aid being granted with a contribution.

In many cases the defendant will be asked to pay the court more than the case would cost at private rates.
This means that it is sometimes in the client's best interests to not apply for legal aid, if required to make a 'contribution'.

Private RatesPrivate Cases

Our fees will usually be calculated on the basis of the time spent working on your case. This includes meetings with you, and others, time spent travelling, considering, preparing and working on papers, correspondence, making and receiving telephone calls, and attending at Court. The current hourly rates of our Solicitors and Fee Earners are available upon request.

Routine letters written on your behalf and routine telephone calls, made and received will be charged as units of a tenth of an hour. Other longer letters and longer telephone calls will be charged on the basis of the time spent.

There may be other expenses which you will have to pay in connection with your case. These might include fees for expert’s reports, enquiry agent’s fees and barrister’s fees. They are referred to as disbursements. VAT is payable on the majority of disbursements.

In certain types of case we are able to undertake work for a fixed fee.

Due to the differences from case to case, we are only able to give you an accurate estimate of costs once we know the details of your individual case. Please contact us by telephone for more information. 0161 477 1121

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