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What Happens After A “Hung Jury”?

Usually the court will consider questions which explore things like, whether the alleged offence is serious enough to justify a retrial, or whether, if re-convicted, the appellant would be likely to serve a significant period or further period in custody. Factors such as the appellant’s age and health may also come into play.

The Real Cost Of Unqualified Legal Advice

If you were to use a McKenzie Friend, or any other unqualified person, in conducting a criminal appeal, the consequences can be worse than just a financial loss. The Court of Appeal has the power to order, in appeals without merit, that some time already served should not count towards your sentence. You may also face a substantial claim for prosecution costs.

Prosecution Time Limits For Military Murder?

Last week it was proposed by Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson that a 10-year time limit ( a Statute of Limitations) should apply to the prosecution of soldiers accused of murder during time spent in military engagement. He suggested this following reports that British soldiers may face prosecution over deaths that occurred in the 1970s and 1980s during the troubles in Northern Ireland.

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