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Our General News section covers all the latest news, advice, changes in law and information you could need about criminal, motoring and sexual offence laws – as well as information about Morton’s Solicitors.

In our General News section there is invaluable advice and information – making it an all-encompassing resource – whilst illustrating why we lead the way!

New Drug Detection Technology In Prisons

The government has announced the introduction of drug detection scanners at ten of the country’s “most challenging” prisons. The scanners will be able to detect drugs on clothes, paper and mail. The technology will be able to detect minute traces of substances that would have otherwise been invisible. This would include drugs which have been soaked into clothes or letters as a way to bypass normal security.

Refuse Company Fined £1m After Staff Fatality

It was on the 18th of October 2013 that Mr John Head, who was an employee of Veolia ES (UK) Limited, was ran over by a refuse collection vehicle (RCV) when it was reversing. This happened when he was walking across the yard at the Ross Depot Waste Transfer Station in Folkestone. After suffering the fatal injuries MR Head was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Concerns Surrounding Community Protection Notices

CThe Concerns Surrounding Community Protection Notices A lot of attention is currently being given within the legal community to Community Protection Notices (CPNs), with critics raising many concerns about the way in which they are presently being used. In a recent...

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