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If you need expert advice from specialist criminal solicitors for indecent images offences contact us now! Mortons Solicitors can advise you and provide expert representation at Court. 

Call us for immediate advice by telephone on 0161 477 1121.

Why You Need Legal Representation For Indecent Images Offences

Not only your reputation but also your liberty may be at stake! You should not face prosecution for indecent image offences without specialist legal representation.

Morton’s Solicitors have been able to achieve non-custodial sentences in a large number of cases by using our expertise and necessary hard-work. In our experience it often this starts with the right advice at the police station, often many months or years beforehand.

The accusation and stigma associated with indecent image offences can have a traumatising effect and personal, family and work life. The length of the investigations can feel punitive, taking many months, sometimes even over a year for computer equipment to be forensically analysed.

Often the police won’t even interview until they have possession of the forensic examination results.


Increasing numbers of devices may be seized including computers, mobiles, laptops, tablets, usb sticks and any other device within the household. 

Given our reputation and expertise in representation for sexual offences we receive a significant number of recommendations and instructions for indecent images cases, but also in some of the most serious and complex cases.

Cases vary from one to over a million indecent images. We deal with cases of simple possession and/or distribution from the internet, peer to peer networks and/or the dark ‘deep’ web.

We are also discreet and non-judgemental.

Most sexual offences upon conviction have a requirement that you sign on the Sex Offenders Register and the court could make a Sexual Harm Prevention Order. This could have very serious and long lasting ramifications


What To Expect Using Specialist Solicitors

There are potential defences for possessing indecent photos of children. These are some of them:-

• having a legitimate reason for possessing them,

• not having seen the photos,

• they were sent to you unknowingly and not kept long e.g. being sent indecent photos in an email attachment, looking at them and deleting them.

• Possessing images for work purposes.

Successfully defending an allegation concerning indecent images involves:-

• Expert analysis of the evidence

• Expert analysis of the unused prosecution material

• The use of specialist computer analysts, who can counter any expert evidence relied upon to prosecute you

You need specialist and expert advice now! Morton’s Solicitors can advise you and provide expert representation for Indecent Images offences. Call us now on 0161 477 1121 for immediate advice.


How We Can Help


Some of the most important decisions made in relation to an indecent images case are made at the police station.

If Mortons solicitors are involved at an early stage of an investigation, we are often able to affect the outcome.

You are not obliged to say anything to the police and we advise all clients to maintain their right to silence until they speak with us.

A case can proceed solely on admissions made to the police without the need for witnesses to ever attend court.

You are entitled to have a solicitor present FREE of charge at any police interview. This is true for what may seem to be the most trivial offences. You should never be interviewed without legal representation.

Call us now for immediate advice on 0161 477 1121.

Award-Winning Crime Team of the Year

Why You Are In Safe Hands with Morton’s Solicitors – Stockport, Manchester & Cheshire.

In early 2018 we were absolutely delighted to have been awarded the Manchester Legal Awards 2018 – “Crime – Team of the Year” award.

Not only is this based on our ability to get fantastic results for our clients, but we also offer an extremely friendly, discreet and client-focused service which has earnt us the plaudits.

What this means for any prospective client is that your case is going to be in some of the safest hands in Criminal Defense for Stockport, Greater Manchester & across the North West.

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