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ASBO / CBO (criminal behaviour orders)



On 20th October 2014 Anti-Social-Behaviour Orders were replaced by Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBO). Existing ASBOs will remain in force and breaches dealt with as before.  
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Changes to the “asbo”

Criminal Behaviour Orders

Criminal Behaviour Orders came into force on 20th October 2014 and replaced the criminal Anti-Social-Behaviour Order (ASBO).

An order can be made on anyone over the age of 10yrs so long as the two-stage test is met.

  1. A court must be convinced that the person’s behaviour has caused or was likely to cause alarm or distress to any person.
  2. Is an order the appropriate form of prevention for the person in question?

An order may include prohibitions such as an exclusion from a particular area, associated with certain individuals or being prevented from possessing alcohol in public. There can also be requirements which require positive action such as attending a drug or alcohol treatment program.

Any order must be tailored to the kind of behaviour they are trying to prevent. All orders should be proportionate and reasonable.

For someone under 18 yrs the minimum length of order is 1yr, the maximum is 3 yrs. For adults there is a minimum order of 2yrs and no maximum duration. 


Yes, you can apply for an order to be removed, which may lead to an order being varied or discharged. Prohibitions and requirements can be added and removed.


It is a criminal offence to breach an order and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison. It would be a defence to an allegation of breach if you had a reasonable excuse.

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Why You Are In Safe Hands


Morton’s Solicitors support our clients throughout the application and hearings using our knowledge and understanding of these cases.

Even where an application for an Criminal Behaviour Order succeeds, Morton’s Solicitors will continue to fight regarding the specific provisions of the proposed order to ensure the terms are lawful, reasonable, and ensure compliance with Human Rights legislation.

Legal aid is available for clients facing applications for, or breaches of, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Criminal Behaviour Orders.

You should not face a prosecution for any breach of court order unrepresented. It is possible that you will face the prospect of a prison sentence. The court views all breaches seriously as they appear to be a wilful and deliberate refusal to undertake your punishment and/or rehabilitation.

Morton’s Solicitors can advise you from the moment you get a summons or notification to attend court, and provide expert representation at Court. 

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