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Simon Morton LL.B (HONS)

Solicitor-Advocate and Managing Director of Mortons Solicitors
Admitted to the role of Solicitor 01/06/1995

Simon has been involved in the development and management of Mortons Solicitors from the outset. Simon has a proven track record of successfully defending even the most overwhelming of prosecutions. He is renowned for his silver-tongued advocacy skills.

Simon defends against prosecutions by Financial Conduct Authority, Environment Agency, Health & Safety, Trading Standards and dealing with Coroners Inquests and the General Medical Counsel (GMC). Specialising in business crime and financial regulation covering money laundering, fraud and confiscation proceedings.

About Simon

During his career Simon has represented clients over a broad spectrum of cases, including the most serious and high profile cases for offences including murder, supply of firearms, large scale drugs importations and historical sexual abuse. 

Upon qualification Simon chose to specialise in criminal & motoring defence work and he has worked exclusively in this field for his entire career.

Simon holds Higher Rights of Audience in the Crown Courts. He is a Magistrates Court and police station Duty Solicitor. He is one of the most well respected criminal defence solicitors in the North West.

Simon prides himself on his extensive knowledge of his chosen field, his integrity and his tenacity to fight for his clients.

As a trial advocate, Simon almost exclusively deals with the majority of the privately instructed regulatory, white-collar & business crime and road traffic/motoring cases.  Simon is regularly instructed throughout England & Wales, often after being recommended by previous clients who remark at his abilities and the results he achieves.

Simon Morton is listed in the Good Lawyer Guide and holds a five star rating for outstanding legal practice.

Simon is the President of Stockport Incorporated Law Society and the Criminal Law Representative .

Simon is a member of the Law Society Accreditation Scheme and the Criminal Law Solicitors Association.

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R v J and others [Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street]:
Operation Deben – Conspiracy to Burgle.

This was a multi-defendant matter where the defendants were said to have been part of an Organised Crime Group (OCG), targeting high value products from within commercial premises.

R v W and others: [Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street] 
Operation Ardenne – Grievous Bodily Harm with intent (GBH), Aggravated Burglary and associated offences

A multi-defendant case, which proceeded to trial at Manchester Crown Court (Minshull St). The defendants were prosecuted for Grievous Bodily Harm with intent (GBH), Aggravated Burglary and associated offences committed in the Stockport area.

It was alleged the defendants were part of an Organised Crime Group (OCG) which targeted the local community using gang violence and intimidation to secure compliance.

It was alleged the offences related to the drug activity of the OCG and the enforcement of drug debts.

The aggravated burglary arose out of attempts to “tax” properties which the defendants believed to be cannabis farms. Five defendants represented by Morton’s Solicitors were acquitted after a Crown Court trial.

R v A and others: [Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street]
Operation MontagueConspiracy to Facilitate Unlawful Immigration.

This prosecution arose following a Home Office criminal investigation to expose “sham marriages” which occurred between Pakistani and Portuguese nationals within the United Kingdom. The intention behind the marriages was to circumvent the Immigration Law, enabling people to live in the UK.

R v B and others: [Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street
Operation Toledo – Conspiracy to commit Armed Robberies and Burglaries.

This case related to a police investigation in to the actions of an Organised Crime Group (OCG) operating in South Manchester. It was alleged that the group targeted dwelling houses to steal high powered motor vehicles before using those vehicles to commit further crime including commercial armed robberies. Two defendants represented by Morton’s Solicitors were acquitted after a Crown Court trial.

R v W and others: [Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square]
Operation Flat – Conspiracy to Murder.

This was a multi-defendant Crown court case relating to the execution of a rival drug dealer. The proceedings involved the examination of a huge volume of phone and electronic data, CCTV analysis, cell-site analysis and statements.

Following careful negotiation with the Prosecution they offered no evidence in respect of the murder indictment and the defendant pleaded guilty to a lesser offence resulting in a short custodial term.

Defence team, Simon Morton, David Fish QC and Richard Orme.

R v E: [Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square]
Murder Charge

We represented the defendant who was charged with the Murder of her husband. The issues in the case were complex. Both parties had a history of significant alcohol misuse and domestic violence.

It was essential to challenge the Pathology evidence brought by the prosecution and examine the mental health of the defendant at the time of the allegation.

Defence team, Simon Morton, David Fish QC and Steven Wilde.


R v B: [Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square]
Murder Charge

We represented the defendant who was charged with the Murder of her long-term partner and father of her children. This case was defended on the basis that the defendant was the victim of prolonged physical abuse by the deceased, and that at the material time she acted in lawful self-defence.

The case involved a complex psychiatric assessment of the defendant and expert pathology evidence to establish the mechanism of the fatal blow.

Defence team, Simon Morton, Guy Gozem QC and David Morton.

R v M: [Manchester Crown Court, Minshull Street]
Dangerous Driving

We represented the defendant who was charged with Dangerous Driving and failing to stop after a road traffic accident. It was alleged that the defendant had deliberately driven in to a group of cyclists causing both damage and injury before leaving the scene. The defendant disputed the allegation and elected trial by jury.

The defence involved the preparation of video footage of the route taken by the road users, together with additional plans and photographs to demonstrate the defendant’s version of events was plausible.

The Prosecution were persuaded to withdraw the allegation of dangerous driving and our client retained his diving licence.

Defence team, Simon Morton and Paul Reid QC.

R v B: [Derby Crown Court]
Importing Automatic Firearms

We represented the defendant who was charged with Importing Automatic Firearms (and associated ammunition) into the UK from America and Eastern Europe. The weapons were purchased on the dark web using Bitcoin.

Defence team, Simon Morton and Adrian Farrow.

R v I: [Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square]
Manslaughter Charge

We represented the defendant who was charged with the Manslaughter and poisoning of her young child. The pathology and toxicology evidence in this case was complex. There were a number of post mortem examinations conducted by Home Office Pathologists.

It was necessary to challenge the inconclusive findings from these examinations which resulted in specialist brain and heart examinations. The defence were able successfully argue that the child could have died from natural causes and the prosecution case collapsed.

Defence team, Simon Morton, Stephen Meadowcroft QC and Richard English.

R v H. [Manchester Crown Court] 
Possession of Indecent Images.

Our client was a high net worth individual who was investigated as part of a larger police operation. Following our clients arrest his computers and mobile phones were seized and examined by the police hi-tech Crime Unit.

They alleged that 3 indecent images were captured on his phone and that these images were of a pre-pubescent boy. Our client, a gay man, contended that they were images an adult sexual partner.

Through extensive pre-trial preparation we were able to prove when and where the photographs were taken. We caused the subject in those images to be examined by a consultant Urologist. That expert was able to confirm that the individual in the photographs and our client’s partner were one and the same.

Our client was acquitted at trial and maintained his good character.

Defence team, Simon Morton and Lisa Roberts QC.

R v Dr R. [Chester Crown Court]
Rape and sexual assault.

Our client was a Gynaecologist accused of raping and sexually assaulting his on off girlfriend.
These allegations caused our client’s medical practice to be restricted.

We represented our client at both the Interim Order Tribunal Hearings (IOT) conducted by the General Medical Council (GMC) and throughout the criminal proceedings.

The issue for trial was consent. The defence were able to establish, through thorough pre-trial investigation of the complaint’s mobile phone data that she mislead the police during her ABE interview. We discovered better quality imagery of bruising was present, rather than the poor-quality images she had supplied to the police. We instructed a Consultant Forensic Pathologist to examine that evidence. She opined that the marks were inconsistent with the complainant’s version of events and were probably self-inflicted.

This expert evidence, together with other submissions relating to the complant’s sexual history caused the prosecution to offer no evidence on the morning of trial and our client was discharged from the proceedings retaining his good character. Subsequently the GMC removed our client’s practice restrictions and he was able to return to work.

Defence team, Simon Morton and Kate Blackwell QC.

R v T. [Chester Crown Court] 
Rape vaginal, oral and anal.

Our client faced historical sexual allegations made by his ex-wife after their bitter divorce after she discovered he had a new partner. The Family Court made Residence Orders in favour of our client and he retained custody of their children. Our client’s ex-wife had a mental health breakdown.

She never alleged any sexual misconduct during the divorce proceedings. When she lost custody of the children she alleged that during their marriage he raped her vaginally, orally and anally.

There was little evidence to corroborate her account. The defendant asserted that the allegations were fabricated lies concocted in an attempt to reverse the Family Court decision.

Our client was acquitted at trial retaining both his good character and custody of his children.

Defence team, Simon Morton and Kate Blackwell QC.

R v W. [St Albans Crown Court]
Rape and sexual assault by penetration.

Our client faced historical sexual allegations made by his younger sister. She alleged that when she was aged between 7 and 10 years and the defendant was aged between 12 and 15 years he would rape her vaginally and orally.

Additionally, she alleged, he would sexually assault her by digitally penetrating her vagina.

The charges were vehemently denied by our client and not supported by either of their parents nor their sibling.
Our client was acquitted at trial.

Defence team, Simon Morton and Justin Hugheston-Roberts.

R v U R. [Manchester Crown Court]
Sexual assault (Appeal against conviction).

Our client was convicted after a Magistrates Court trial of sexually assaulting a customer at his shop. He client maintained his innocence and pursued an appeal against that decision. He alleged that the complaint was malicious and made by the complainant to attract sympathy as a “victim”.

Following a full review of the Prosecution evidence served and having made further disclosure requests of the Prosecution, the Prosecution sought not to contest the appeal and it was allowed. Our client’s good character was returned.

Defence team, Simon Morton and Kate Blackwell QC.

R-v-B. [Stockport Magistrates Court]
Sexual assault.

Our client was accused of sexually assaulting his ex-partner at their former home after attending to collect some of his personal property. The allegation was denied.

He stated that when he was leaving with some of his belongings the complainant attacked him and he merely pushed her away using lawful self-defence.

There was no sexual element to his actions. The Magistrates rejected the complainant’s evidence and our client was acquitted.

Defence team, Simon Morton.

R v A. [Stockport Magistrates Court]

Our client was the Landlord of a public House who was discovered to have installed secret cameras in an area of the public house where staff members routinely got changed. He recorded their private acts. Staff members discovered the camera and the footage was seized by the police. The police identified multiple victims.

Despite the serious nature of the allegation and the breach of trust our client avoided an immediate custodial sentence and retained his liberty.

Defence team, Simon Morton.

R v W. [Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court]

Our client was a gay man charged with raping a close male friend following a night of heavy drinking and drug taking. This was a complex case where expert toxicology and DNA evidence was obtained to corroborate our client’s version of events.

Mobile phone evidence and Facebook posts played an essential role in establishing that the complainant was not truthful. Our client was acquitted at trial.

Defence team, Simon Morton and Rachel Shenton.


R-v-G. [Stockport Youth Court]
Possession of Indecent Images.

Our client was a 17-year old youth who was charged with the possession of indecent images of children. He attended a private school in Greater Manchester. “Sexting” between his school and another school was rife, as was the sharing of pornographic material.

He was the one that got caught and our role was damage limitation. It was essential to expedite the case to ensure that he was dealt with as a youth. Had he turned 18 before his first appearance in Court the result would have been entirely different.

He pleaded guilty at the earliest possible stage and was sentenced to a Referral Order and avoided having to sign the “Sex Offenders Register”. His conviction was “spent” upon the completing of the order.

Defence team, Simon Morton.


R v U. [Bolton Crown Court]
Possession of Indecent Images.

Our client resided with his large family where he was the head of the household. The police executed a search warrant at his home address and the “family” computer was seized. Following an examination of that device, by the hi-tech Crime Unit, a large quantity of indecent imagery and extreme pornography was found.

The Prosecution unsuccessfully tried to prove that our client was in “possession” of that material. It was established that anyone of a number of individuals within the household could have been responsible for downloading the material and the Prosecution failed to prove our client had “knowledge” of its existence. Our client was acquitted at trial.

Defence team, Simon Morton and Benjamin Knight.

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