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Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPNs) are frequently issued by police when attending incidents of alleged domestic violence.

Invariably, whatever the rights and wrongs of a situation, and often it is quite impossible for this to be correctly judged, the male is the recipient of a DVPN.

The effect of the DVPN is to force the recipient’s removal from the property for 48 hours; this will then be followed by an application to the magistrates’ court for a DVPO which can result in removal from the premises for a further 28 days.

The rationale is to give the alleged ‘victim’ of domestic violence a ‘breathing space’ in which to seek help & assistance.

Issued with a DVPN/O ?

Have you been issued with a DVPN or a DVPO? If you have and are looking for help, we would like to hear from you. Call us now on 0161 477 1121

Can you challenge a notice?

Due to the relatively informal way in which DVPNs are issued, there is no realistic way to challenge them before they take effect, so later successful challenges will result in a mostly pyrrhic victory only.

However, you can challenge the application for a DVPO, and we can assist you in that process.

How Can We Assist?

When new judgments come along, they are often presented as offering the complete answer to a legal problem, but in our experience, they seldom do. Recourse has to be had to earlier decisions, particularly ones not considered in any new case. We do not accept anything at face value, preferring to challenge perceived norms and advance alternative arguments.

If you are facing the prospect of a DVPN/DVPO, then do not hesitate to contact Mortons Solicitors for special legal representation. Legal aid may be available but is means tested

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