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Lisa Morton LL.B (HONS)

Senior Solicitor, Director & Company Secretary
Admitted to the role of Solicitors 16/09/1996

Lisa has been working for Mortons Solicitors since 1999. She has been involved in the management of the company since its incorporation in 2004.

Lisa has helped forge the reputation of Mortons solicitors as a professional and respectable firm with the utmost integrity, and a firm that genuinely cares about pursuing the best possible outcome for its clients. 

About Lisa

Lisa is a senior Magistrates Court & Police Station Duty Solicitor and has been practising as such for over 20 years.

Lisa regularly deals with the most serious of cases including conspiracies, high value frauds & money laundering, rape & serious sexual offences, wounding, armed robbery Proceeds of Crime proceedings.

Lisa appears frequently before Magistrates Courts’ throughout Greater Manchester and Cheshire representing clients charged with the full range of criminal and regulatory offences.

Lisa has built a strong reputation for providing high quality representation and as a formidable trial advocate. Lisa has a trial success rate that is second-to-none.

She displays considerable skill in making even the most complex matters understandable to her clients. 

Consequently, clients regularly instruct her to conduct their cases or refer other people with criminal cases to her. She is highly respected for abilities, achievements and integrity within her chosen profession.

Lisa’s areas of expertise include Regulatory and Inquest work. She has dealt with cases involving fatalities in the workplace and as a consequence of Road Traffic Collisions.

She is a member of the Law Society Criminal Accreditation Scheme, the Criminal Law Solicitors Association and the Inquest Lawyers group. She is also listed in the Good Lawyer Guide and holds a five-star rating for outstanding legal practice.

Lisa is well-known and respected not only for her legal knowledge and experience, but also for her skilful negotiations and diplomacy.

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R v W:  [Manchester Crown Court] (Minshull St)
Money Laundering

Represented a family of alleged “loan sharks” for unlicensed money lending and money laundering, this involved negotiation of favourable pleas allowing certain family members to be acquitted and the remainder to substantial mitigate the amounts originally alleged.  Representation also provided throughout subsequent confiscation case and enforcement proceedings.

R v P:  [Chester Crown Court]

Amulti – handed conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud and subsequent confiscation proceedings.

R v M:  [Swinton Police Station]
Death By Driving Without Due Care & Attention

An elderly male accused of death by driving without due care & attention – refused charge. Inquest advice provided.

R v P (a youth):   [Manchester Crown Court] (Minshull St)
Unlawful Wounding

A female youth charged with serious assault (by glassing) to her ex-partner whilst in drink.

R v F:   [Manchester & Salford Magistrates Court]

A successfully defended seriously mentally ill, homeless, elderly male accused of harassment.

R v F:   [Manchester Crown Court]
Conspiracy to Product Cannabis

A female accused in a multi handed conspiracy to produce cannabis – very complex issues due to defendant being abducted and seriously sexually assaulted by the true perpetrators.

R v B:  [Manchester Youth Court] 
Breach of a CRO

A young person accused of breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order – original conviction for sexual offence overturned on appeal – prosecution eventually persuaded to discontinue on interests of justice

R v S:   [York Crown Court]
Money Laundering

A multi handed international money laundering allegations – client acquitted.

R v W:   [Stockport Magistrates Court]
Failing to Provide a Breath Specimen

A successfully defended allegation of failing to provide breath specimen for analysis.

R v W:   [Stockport Youth Court]
Unlawful Wounding

A 16 year old client struck victim one blow causing severe and life changing injuries to victim – client acquitted – self-defence.

R v H & B:   [Manchester Crown Court]
Counterfeit Items

Trading Standards Prosecution involving wholesale of counterfeit clothing

R v H: [Chester Crown Court]
Sexual Assault

allegation of sexual assault – defence of “sexomnia” – defendant accused of sexually assaulting a female with whom he was sharing a bed. Defence case was that he was suffering from sexomnia, namely that he was asleep when the touching occurred and this was something beyond his control.

R v H: [Bolton Crown Court]
Sexual Assault

The serious sexual assault of 2 girls under 13yrs in breach of trust.


R v N: [Burnley Crown Court]

Young male student accused of Rape in breach of trust – acquitted after trial.


R v H: [Bolton Crown Court]
Sexual Offences of a Repeat Offender

A repeat male sex offender prosecuted for keeping a brothel of young boys whilst subject to a Sex Offenders Prevention Order.



“at a very difficult time for our family you helped us to fully understand everything that was happening. You were understanding, fantastic, cannot thank you enough”

“Amazing. Thank You”

“I would always recommend you to friends or anyone else if they needed help as you’re the best”

“very helpful, set my mind at rest at all times, took worry and stress away”

“brilliant service and correspondence”

“very understanding and helpful”

“initial dealings in custody was excellent and continued throughout my court cases”

“high quality representation (very!) excellent interpersonal communications”

“the advice at the police station was reliable, robust and appropriate to my case”

“Absolutely outstanding service. We were 100% satisfied no improvement necessary. Thank you so much”


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