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Criminal Law Articles

As one of the North West’s leading Criminal Solicitors, this section has all the useful articles we have collated which relate to criminal law. In this section you will find out about new laws, amendments to existing laws and precedents set – as well as opinion and lot’s of great advice from our award-winning crime team.

New Drug Detection Technology In Prisons

The government has announced the introduction of drug detection scanners at ten of the country’s “most challenging” prisons. The scanners will be able to detect drugs on clothes, paper and mail. The technology will be able to detect minute traces of substances that would have otherwise been invisible. This would include drugs which have been soaked into clothes or letters as a way to bypass normal security.

Happy Birthday To The Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act is 20 years old this year. Its name is often used in vain, “it’s against my human rights!” or blamed for something that probably isn’t to do with the Act at all. The Act sets out the fundamental rights and freedoms to which everyone in the UK is entitled.

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