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Police Related Articles

Our Police related articles focus on issues, news, advice and information in connection to the police force – in particular Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and Cheshire Police.

Drugs Are No Laughing Matter

The Act makes it an offence to possess psychoactive substances with intent to supply, and in limited cases, simple possession is also an offence. The appeals came about following some cases where Judges ruled that laughing gas is exempt from control under the Act.

Interview Away From A Police Station

Recent changes to the Police And Criminal Evidence Act mean that Police Officers can now conduct many more interviews away from the usual police station. This removes many of the built in safeguards of the process that has protected the rights of millions of arrestees over the last thirty plus years.

Police & Body Warn Cameras in Operation

Police forces across England & Wales are preparing for a rollout of ‘Body-worn Cameras’, and the government has announced that prison officers will shortly be assisted by this new technology. Greater Manchester Police have already been routinely using them for sometime.

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