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Fraud Related Articles

A selection of Fraud related articles from our blog which looks at the implications of fraud charges – as well plenty of information and advice – as well as details of any law changes and new legislation.

Sally Challen Case – Murder Reduced To Manslaughter On Grounds of Coercive Control

Article looking at the case of Sally Challen. In February 2019 the Court of Appeal quashed Sally Challen’s conviction for the murder of her husband and ordered a retrial. Last week the prosecution accepted a plea to the lesser offence of manslaughter and Challen received a sentence that meant she would serve no further time in custody.

Boris Johnson- A Crowdfunded Prosecution?

It is actually a constitutional right that has been reiterated by The Supreme Court that private citizens may prosecute alleged crimes before the courts.

It could be that an individual or company feels frustrated that the state has not acted in an effective way and they then decide to go forward with a private prosecution.

Sentencing Law- Cleaning Up The Mess

Well, there has been research conducted in this area which shows that a horrifically high number of errors, reaching the thousands are made every year, with many going completely undetected. While some mistakes don’t have too much impact in practice, other failures lead to unlawful sentences being imposed.

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