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Over the festive periods of Christmas and the new year one might enjoy the well earned break with a tipple or two.

One must however have regard to the potential dangers for revellers. With the expected wintery temperatures and potential risks of ice/snow the roads of Greater Manchester/Cheshire will already be treacherous enough.

This month began with the annual anti- drink & drugs driving campaigns.  Drivers are warned of the risks associated with drink driving and drug driving.

It is important to be aware of the significant personal cost to drink & drug drivers.  In addition to the immediate effect on ones licence with at least a mandatory minimum 12 months disqualification. Many of the hundreds of drink/drug drivers caught each year face prosecution to appear before the Magistrates’ Court could face risk to their liberty as well. Conviction could lead to loss of employment/careers. Loss of the use of car cause particular hardship for other family members and ones independence.Breath Test, Drink Driving

Getting behind the wheel of a car the same day or day following a drinking session is a mistake made by many people each year despite the anti-drink driving publicity and campaigns. The police forces all over the North West England are out in force testing drivers. Many may have consumed alcohol the previous night and made a poor assumption they would be under the limit the following morning.  However the Police are also routinely testing for drugs with many people unaware of the periods of time for which the drugs remain present in their body. Cannabis, Drug Driving

If its too late for you then we are here to help. Mortons Solicitors are specialist drink & drug driving solicitors. With three decades of experience handling cases of drink driving and drug driving we are ready to assist.

Mortons Solicitors on 0161 477 1121 or email us.

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