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We are urging everyone to sign the Save Justice legal aid petition.

If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures there will be a debate in parliament.

You might not need a criminal defence solicitor today or tomorrow.  But you might one day, even people of good character with no previous convictions.

Imagine you go out for an evening and have to act in lawful self-defence.  But you are charged with assault.  Could you rely on the likes of G4S or Eddie Stobart truckers to successfully defend you?

Imagine you have the neighbour from hell next door who complains to the police that you have threatened them.  Theres no evidence other than their statement.

Imagine you are a teacher charged after a pupil makes a false allegation of assault.

Imagine you are a nurse who is falsely alleged to have assaulted a patient.

These are all examples of cases where Morton’s Solicitors have a reputation for successfully defending at trial, even ensuring these allegations are won before the trial date.

Our justice system is widely praised around the world.  Why would anyone seek to destroy it, especially when the alleged savings may not follow.

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