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Uncover The Facts appearing behind torn brown paper.Liar is ITV’s new six-part drama, is gripping the nation, with viewers already reaching conclusions as to whether the alleged victim Laura, played by the actress Joanne Froggatt (better known for her role as Anna Bates in Downton Abbey) is telling the truth when she accuses surgeon Andrew of raping her.

This is highly watchable drama which the writers intentionally have us switch between whom we believe, our perceptions changed over time by the sophisticated script and device plots.

It therefore comes as no surprise that some people have reached a premature opinion already, and recent research demonstrated that in real-life half of the jurors might reach a guilty verdict before even going to deliberate with other jurors.

We know that people are on sometimes willing to change their minds/views, just as you might expect when the plot unfolds.

It is of paramount importance therefore that a strong case is advanced from the start, laying a solid foundation for a successful criminal defence.

Role of Morton’s Solicitors

In real-life, for our clients and their families, facing an accusation of rape or other serious sexual offence can be a horrendous experience. How we do we keep successfully defend such cases?

Reactive and Proactive

From the police station investigation right through to the criminal proceedings, we always start with a reactive approach. The alleged victim states they were drunk, the defendant states they were in fact sober. Allegedly we entered the bedroom uninvited say the prosecution, we were invited in, says ourdefendant, and so on.

We can build the start of a defence with this important work, but we do not have the benefit of the incident in question playing before us on a TV screen, with the truth revealed at the end.

We instead have only the competing and conflicting versions, and it might feel as if it is simply one word against another, and often it is unless you seek further evidence which may still be in existence.

However it is our proactive approach to case preparation which makes a difference. Mortons Solicitors always ensure that:

  • All relevant witnesses traced
  • Any CCTV evidence secured
  • Forensic evidence analysed
  • Background checks completed
  • Details of false allegations pursued

and even, as alluded to already in the tv drama Liar, any psychiatric/psychological issues are explored.

We understand the personal toll legal proceedings will take on clients and your family, and offer a discreet, compassionate and reassuring approach at a time when the future may at times appear very bleak.

Mortons Solicitors – Services

Our firm has decades of experience in successfully defending serious sexual offences of this type.

Before entrusting your case to general criminal practitioners, come and meet us the specialists, view our videos and get a feel for our work ethic, and ensure you are confident that you are receiving the best criminal defence possible.

You only get one chance to get this right, its important to do so from the outset.

We offer private client services at affordable rates, and legal aid may be available.

So, if you are arrested for, or charged with any criminal offence, but especially serious sexual offences, call Mortons Solicitors on 0161 477 1121 to arrange an appointment or see our email address below.

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