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Mortons Solicitors Reviews


We are constantly trying to improve our quality of service.  For this reason client feedback is very useful and important to us.  It has only been through servicing clients needs nationwide that Mortons has been able to become one the leading Criminal Defence practices in the Greater Manchester & Cheshire areas.

In addition to the anonymous client feedback questionnaires which we provide clients at the end of their case, clients can post more public appraisals of our legal services on several independant websites.

Where You Can Review Us.

If you have a Google account you can review us on our Google Places page.  Several clients have already provided very positive reviews recently.

Alternatively you can also find Mortons Solicitors reviewed on Solicitor.infoThomson & the GoodLawyerGuide.

Heres a selection of the recent reviews

Simon Morton reviewed on GoodLawyerGuide

“Achieved a result that exceeded expectations”

JohnDThomson on ThomsonLocal

“I will always be grateful for your lawyering at Court with my recent case.”

Mark Baxter on

“Mortons Solicitors are wonderful criminal lawyers. Good service, professional […]”

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