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Stewart Rees - Senior Crown Court Clerk

A truly sad day today at Mortons Solicitors as Stewart Rees retired from his life of crime after 19 years of enthusiastic representation and service.  We wish him the very best with his next endeavours.

During his time at Mortons Solicitors, Stewart has represented defendants for every criminal offence imaginable, and for offences alleged as far as 60 years ago.

Over the years he has instructed and provided comprehensively detailed briefs to Queens Counsel & Junior Counsel across Manchester and beyond for offences of murder, sexual offences, robbery, conspiracy, drugs, fraud, trafficking.

Needless to say Stewart is irreplaceable as a colleague and a professional.  He will be missed, but Stewart and his achievements/successes shall not be forgotten.

There is no doubt that his colleagues at Mortons Solicitors and friends in the criminal justice sector will continue to remain in contact.

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