Liar is ITV's new six-part drama, is gripping the nation, with viewers already reaching conclusions as to whether the alleged victim Laura, played by the actress Joanne Froggatt (better known for her role as Anna Bates in Downton Abbey) is telling the truth when she accuses surgeon Andrew of raping her.14eb06d8-da57-4b3a-a0e9-0e15ecd8f087

This is highly watchable drama which the writers intentionally have us switch between whom we believe, our perceptions changed over time by the sophisticated script and device plots.

It therefore comes as no surprise that some people have reached a premature opinion already, and recent research demonstrated that in real-life half of the jurors might reach a guilty verdict before even going to deliberate with other jurors.

We know that people are on sometimes willing to change their minds/views, just as you might expect when the plot unfolds.

It is of paramount importance therefore that a strong case is advanced from the start, laying a solid foundation for a successful criminal defence.

Role of Mortons Solicitors

In real-life, for our clients and their families, facing an accusation of rape or other serious sexual offence can be a horrendous experience. How we do we keep successfully defend such cases?

Reactive and Proactive

From the police station investigation right through to the criminal proceedings, we always start with a reactive approach. The alleged victim states they were drunk, the defendant states they were in fact sober. Allegedly we entered the bedroom uninvited say the prosecution, we were invited in, says ourdefendant, and so on.

We can build the start of a defence with this important work, but we do not have the benefit of the incident in question playing before us on a TV screen, with the truth revealed at the end.

We instead have only the competing and conflicting versions, and it might feel as if it is simply one word against another, and often it is unless you seek further evidence which may still be in existence.

However it is our proactive approach to case preparation which makes a difference. Mortons Solicitors always ensure that:

  • All relevant witnesses traced
  • Any CCTV evidence secured
  • Forensic evidence analysed
  • Background checks completed
  • Details of false allegations pursued

and even, as alluded to already in the tv drama Liar, any psychiatric/psychological issues are explored.

We understand the personal toll legal proceedings will take on clients and your family, and offer a discreet, compassionate and reassuring approach at a time when the future may at times appear very bleak.

Mortons Solicitors - Services

Our firm has decades of experience in successfully defending serious sexual offences of this type.

Before entrusting your case to general criminal practitioners, come and meet us the specialists, view our videos and get a feel for our work ethic, and ensure you are confident that you are receiving the best criminal defence possible.

You only get one chance to get this right, its important to do so from the outset.

We offer private client services at affordable rates, and legal aid may be available.

So, if you are arrested for, or charged with any criminal offence, but especially serious sexual offences, call Mortons Solicitors on 0161 477 1121 to arrange an appointment or see our email address below.

Urgent Vacancy with potential for immediate start.
We are a busy firm of specialist criminal defence lawyers seeking to recruit an audio/legal typist. The role will involve mostly audio typing letters and other documents, receiving a channelling telephone calls and taking messages. We also require the candidate to deal with straightforward enquiries - this can involve covering reception when the main receptionist is elsewhere. We would also require the candidate to input data, maintain the diary open and dispatch post and occasionally dead filing. 

A successful candidate would be smartly presented, having professional communication skills including a personable but confidential manner. You should be able to treat everyone with respect and tact. Experience of audio typing would be essential. Basic computer literacy is a must.  Salary £14,000 - £17,000 dependent upon experience.
Apply FAO Lisa Morton either in writing or by email (Job Reference: LJM17) enclosing a copy C.V

CRIMINAL SOLICITOR:  Mortons Solicitors, a busy criminal defence practice in Greater Manchester and Cheshire have a vacancy suitable for either a qualified solicitor or crown court clerk with police station qualification.  For solicitors duty status preferred. 

Applications from police station accredited individuals or LPC graduates seeking a training contract are welcomed.

Apply by email FAO Lisa Morton to

Stewart Rees - Senior Crown Court Clerk

 A truly sad day today at Mortons Solicitors as Stewart Rees retired from his life of crime after 19 years of enthusiastic representation and service.  We wish him the very best with his next endeavours.

During his time at Mortons Solicitors, Stewart has represented defendants for every criminal offence imaginable, and for offences alleged as far as 60 years ago.

Over the years he has instructed and provided comprehensively detailed briefs to Queens Counsel & Junior Counsel across Manchester and beyond for offences of murder, sexual offences, robbery, conspiracy, drugs, fraud, trafficking.

Needless to say Stewart is irreplaceable as a colleague and a professional.  He will be missed, but Stewart and his achievements/successes shall not be forgotten.

There is no doubt that his colleagues at Mortons Solicitors and friends in the criminal justice sector will continue to remain in contact.

From Today, Monday 24th April 2017 the Sentencing Guidelines Council has published the revised Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines which are now in effect.

Drivers caught speeding excessively above the legal limit face much tougher fines under the new sentencing guidelines. The tougher penalties for serious driving offences will see some drivers facing court fines of up to 150% of net weekly income. This would apply to drivers who speeding at 41mph or more in a 20mph limit area, 51mph or more in a 30mph limit or over 101mph on a motorway. The sentence levels for the less serious offences are not being changed. Depending on the speed, drivers caught speeding will also be given between 3 and 6 penalty points on their licence, and in some cases even disqualification. The maximum fine for speeding is £1000, and upto a maximum of £2,500 for motorway offences.

Any driver reaching 12 penalty points for offences committed within preceeding three years will be at risk of disqualification, for at least six months, under the totting up system. New drivers who accumulate 6 penalty points within two years of getting their full licence will have to re-sit their driving test. These new sentencing guidelines will apply to all 'speeding' offences sentenced on or after 24th April 2017, no matter when the offence was committed. The other guidelines which have been updated are; 

Alcohol sale offences – Licensing Act 2003, s.141; s.146; s.147
Animal cruelty – Animal Welfare Act 2006, s.4; s.8 and s.9
Careless driving – Road Traffic Act 1988, s.3
Communication network offences – Communications Act 2003, s.127(1)
Communication network offences – Communications Act 2003 s.127(2)
Drive whilst disqualified – Road Traffic Act 1988, s.103
Drugs – fail to attend/remain for initial assessment –Drugs Act 2005, s.12
Drugs – fail/refuse to provide a sample – Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, s.63B
Drunk and disorderly in a public place – Criminal Justice Act 1967, s.91
Excess alcohol (drive/attempt) – Road Traffic Act 1988, s.5(1)(a)
Excess alcohol (in charge) – Road Traffic Act 1988, s.5(1)(b)
Fail to provide specimen for analysis (drive/attempt) – Road Traffic Act 1988, s.7(6)
Fail to provide specimen for analysis (in charge) – Road Traffic Act 1988, s.7(6)
Fail to stop/report road accident – Road Traffic Act 1988, s.170(4)
Football related offences – Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) Act 1985, s.2(1) and s.2(2), Football Offences Act 1991, s.2, s.3 and s.4 and Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, s.166
No insurance – Road Traffic Act 1988, s.143
Obstruct/resist a police constable in execution of duty – Police Act 1996, s.89(2)
Railway fare evasion – Regulation of Railways Act 1889, s.5(1) and s.5(3)
School non-attendance – Education Act 1996, s.444(1) and s.444(1A)
Sexual activity in a public lavatory – Sexual Offences Act 2003, s.71
Speeding – Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, s.89(1)
Taxi touting/soliciting for hire – Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, s.167
TV licence payment evasion – Communications Act 2003, s.363
Unfit through drink or drugs (drive/attempt) – Road Traffic Act 1988, s.4(1)
Unfit through drink or drugs (in charge) – Road Traffic Act 1988, s.4(2)
Vehicle interference – Criminal Attempts Act 1981, s.9
Vehicle taking, without consent – Theft Act 1968, s.12

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