When the Director of Public Prosecutions writes to a national newspaper and apologises for a prosecution failure in an individual case, you know that something significant went wrong. Before exploring that however, it might be thought a great pity that she chose to write to a newspaper and not the actual person wrongly accused of rape.paperwork

Anyway, what went wrong in the case of Liam Allan?

With Christmas approaching everyone beginning to let their hair down a little and enjoy the festivities, some people are enticed into the world of so-called 'recreational drugs'.

There are a great many substances that might properly be categorised as 'recreational', with popular ones being cannabis, cocaine and psychactive substances. First use often occurs at a party, perhaps due to normal inhibitions being diminished by alcohol or the sheer fun of the occasion. Despite the apparent short-term joys that might flow from drug use, the harsh reality for some is felt for a long time after that.

This is the other side of drug use, as seen through the eyes of the criminal justice system, told via a series of case studies.recreational

justiceWe talk a lot in the United Kingdom about the benefits of a jury trial, about how leaving the decision in the hands of 12 people chosen at random, is perhaps fairest way of determining justice.  But how exactly does a jury decide?

gunEarlier this week newspapers reported the following story:

'The number of people arrested over terrorism-related offences in Britain has risen by 54% to 400 in one of the most intense periods for attacks in recent history. The Home Office said the increase in the year to September was due partly to the 64 arrests made after the attacks in Manchester and London, bringing the total to the highest number since records began in 2001.'

But what happens to those suspects when the TV camera crews have departed, and the criminal justice system takes over?

stocks'Follow the money' is a rather clichéd line from the film 'All The President's Men' which charted the scandal that engulfed President Nixon in the 1970s.

But even today, the money trail is very much the first line of investigation in serious fraud cases, and one that is increasingly difficult to follow.

Not so long ago, the ways of committing fraud were somewhat limited and for that reason also somewhat simplistic.

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