arrestDomestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPNs) are frequently issued by police when attending incidents of alleged domestic violence.

Invariably, whatever the rights and wrongs of a situation, and often it is quite impossible for this to be correctly judged, the male is the recipient of a DVPN.

The effect of the DVPN is to force the recipient's removal from the property for 48 hours; this will then be followed by an application to the magistrates' court for a DVPO which can result in removal from the premises for a further 28 days.

laboratoryNew details have emerged about forensic testing deficiencies at two of the country's leading laboratories. Police are currently investigating the circumstances, and a number of people have been arrested.

Most people are unaware that it is possible in some instances to apply to a court and ask that a driving ban is ended early.disqualify

Therefore, if your circumstances have changed since being disqualified, it is worth discussing with one of our criminal law specialists whether or not you can take advantage of this legal provision.


With the clocks having gone back and both Halloween and Bonfire Night now behind us, easing into those dark wintry nights, it won't be long before Christmas is in our sights and party season gets underway.

As night follows day, this time also coincides with a national police initiative concerning drink driving, as forces across the country prepare for a spike in the numbers of those tested and arrested for drink and drug driving offences.

A Sexual Risk Order (SRO) may be made against any person who has committed 'an act of a sexual nature' and where there is reasonable cause to believe that the individual poses a risk of harm to the public in the United Kingdom, or children or vulnerable adults abroad, and that it is necessary to protect the public from harm.istock 000016448080xsmall

These orders are very draconian. A person does not need to have committed a relevant criminal offence or, indeed, any offence.

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