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Mortons Solicitors are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our bid for the Greater Manchester Procurement Area for a Duty Provider Crime Contract from the Legal Aid Agency to start from January 2016.

Only seventeen contracts will be awarded to the successful applicants.

Mortons Solicitors are an Applicant Organisation without any Delivery Partners.

Simon Morton stated "I am looking forward to the next chapter in the Evolution of Morton's Solicitors Limited and our anticpated expansion into other areas of Greater Manchester.

In due course it is our intention to open a recruitment programme to fill a number of key positions as part of our expansion programme."


Further to my previous news item, we now have the pleasure of advising that Mortons Solicitors in conjunction with Stockport Incorporated Law Society have arranged a meeting at the Alma Lodge Hotel on Monday 21st September 2015 at 4.30pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to raise awareness of the consultation process and to highlight the effects that we believe that the proposed closure would have upon residents, businesses and organisations within the borough of Stockport and the surrounding areas.

We have invited to the meeting representatives from as many interested groups, whom we believe, would be negatively impacted by the court closure.

Speakers include Simon Morton of Mortons Solicitors & Mark Higgins of Higgins Miller & others TBC.

Please attend to show your support to this campaign and can you share or forward this email to anybody you believe would be interested in attending.

Save Stockport Court

Regrettably many we people we speak to about the consultation proposals have not heard anything about it, despite the press and media coverage.  Unless you have been under a rock since July, you have no excuse.  We are now in the final seven days to respond to the consultation proposing to close YOUR Stockport Courthouse.

Respond Online, By Post, Email or Fax.  See poster for more details.

Please also assist by telling friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours and/or customers.  Together if we respond in sufficient numbers against the proposals to close Stockport Courthouse, hopefully when the Ministry of Justice look at the financial and business case, they will keep Stockport open.


Further to previous news / blog posts in relation to the current court consultation process being run by HM Court & Tribunal Services.  The consultation began on the 16th July 2015 and ends on 8th October 2015.

The Ministry of Justice have earmarked 91 courts for closure. This number includes Stockport Courthouse, which comprises of;


1) Magistrates Court
2) Family Court
3) County Court
4) Problem Solving Court
5) Youth Court
6) Tribunals


This I am sure you will agree will have a significant impact upon individuals, businesses and organisations in the Stockport and South Manchester areas. Once a Courthouse has closed, there is little prospect of it re-opening!

I attach links to the following;
1) MOJ Consultation Document -

2) The Law Society Campaigner Response Pack -

3) Stockport Labour E-Petition -

There are social media campaign accounts which we would appreciate if you could re-tweet, follow, like & share.



It is imperative that we all respond. When speaking to those who would be affected, it is regrettable and surprising how few people are aware, so please help spread the word and forward and share them on social media.

There is a real opportunity that Stockport Courthouse can be saved.

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