Recent changes to the Police And Criminal Evidence Act mean that Police Officers can now conduct many more interviews away from the usual police station.  This removes many of the built in safeguards of the process that has protected the rights of millions of arrestees over the last thirty plus years.

So I the police offer to interview me away from the Police Station such as at home, work or the location of the offence, what are my rights?

Bonfire Night is almost upon us where the night sky will be brought alive by the vibrant explosions of noise and colour, but as always, lurking in the background is a risk that failing to deal with fireworks safely & responsibly can bring you to the attention of the Police.

Retailers who are thinking of supplying fireworks for the first time should ensure that they are sufficiently familiar with the complex rules that regulate the sale and possession of fireworks.

Contravention of the rules can result in substantial fines being imposed, or even a prison sentence.

Simon Morton our Managing Director explains the law.

Police forces across England & Wales are preparing for a rollout of 'Body-worn Cameras', and the government has announced that prison officers will shortly be assisted by this new technology.  Greater Manchester Police have already been routinely using them for sometime.

Or, at least it does according to Elton John.

But in criminal law, sometimes a simple act of contrition, genuine remorse and communicated, can alter a case outcome significantly.

For all offenders, a prison sentence is a grim reality, a punishment that must be served, often impacting not only on a single individual but in many cases their family.

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So, when the day of release comes, it is a significant moment, the door on punishment closed and a time to draw a line under the past and move on. But, for many offenders, the release from custody comes with conditions, under the guise of license terms that must be abided by, with the threat of a return to prison if not adhered to in full.

The government has announced changes to the release license regime that come into effect on 13th November 2017.

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