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Being Caught Drink/Drug Driving This Christmas

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Drink-Driving, Drug-Driving, General News, Motoring Law, Sentencing | 0 comments

The Morning After the Night Before – Getting Caught Drink/Drug Driving.

When people think about drink/drug driving, it is often based on a narrative that involves a man, leaving a pub late at night, driving erratically and being stopped by the police. This scenario is sometimes the backdrop to an arrest for drink or drug driving, but more often, the story is quite different. The morning after is actually one of our busiest times. 

Picture the scene. You’ve had your work’s do. You wake up the following morning and to accompany the groans as the body and mind adjusts you then remember it’s not the weekend, and work beckons.

Sure enough, a quick shower revives the senses and off you go to work. Traffic is heavy as usual, drivers as intolerant as ever, and the rain contributes only to a sour mood amongst drivers. Then bang – a relatively minor shunt causing minimal damage, to really kick start the day!

But it is often this kind of minor road traffic incident, causing road chaos and attracting the attention of the police that results in roadside testing for drink and drugs. You wouldn’t believe how many times we find ourselves called upon on these occasions.

Being Tested For Drink/Drug Driving

The fact that you look great, feel fine, and are not responsible for the accident, will do nothing to mitigate the alcohol or drug levels in your body. Anyone who tells you that you can confidently predict alcohol or drug levels the morning-after is not telling the truth.

What happens next makes the earlier headache pale into insignificance.

An arrest, charge and court appearance resulting in a minimum period of disqualification.

Will you keep your job? What will your partner say?

None For The Road!

The safest message remains ‘none for the road’; in some cases, there are legal defences available, and we can discuss these with you. When a legal defence is not possible, we work hard to mitigate the sentence and get your life back on track.

Your local police force will now have in place its Christmas and New Year drink and drug driving campaign, roadside testing will increase, and officers will be extra vigilant.

We hope that you do not need our services over the festive period, but if you so please be assured that we are here, on your side, 24 hours a day.

How Can We Help?

If you are caught drink/drug driving this Christmas then please make sure you contact our legal team on 0161 477 1121 ASAP to avoid making a costly mistake! Find out more about our drink and drug driving legal services.

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