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Here are a selection of posts and articles from the Media and Digital Media team here at Morton’s Solicitors including print articles as well as TV, Radio and Video features.

Battling Prison Guard Corruption

The types of corruption in the prison services are broad, with drugs being brought in by corrupt guards to a member of staff engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a prisoner. There are already security teams in place in prisons that may search staff, with the use of metal detectors if needed. The new units are going to compliment the system already in place, giving it an extra layer.

When Is Leaking Information A Crime?

Although it is not actually a requirement for a person to sign the Official Secrets Act, often times it is done to reinforce to members of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ that the act applies to them. On top of this, certain persons must be notified that the Act applies to them as this will trigger liability for relevant offences.

What Happens After A “Hung Jury”?

Usually the court will consider questions which explore things like, whether the alleged offence is serious enough to justify a retrial, or whether, if re-convicted, the appellant would be likely to serve a significant period or further period in custody. Factors such as the appellant’s age and health may also come into play.

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